Crucible Magazine is on the horizon, an exciting monthly full colour magazine available in digital and print made for the fifth edition of the world’s greatest tabletop roleplaying game!

Taking our cues from the magazines of the past, but putting in our own modern twists, each issue will contain over 80 pages ram packed with unique game ready content for the whole table!

  • Are you a DM lacking time to prepare each session and want fully fleshed out adventurers ready to run?
  • Wish you had more marvellous magic items and monsters with stunning artwork at your fingertips?
  • Are your players always looking for those new class options to fit exactly the kind of character they want to play?

Crucible Magazine provides all of that… and more!

Original DM Resources
  • A new exciting theme each monthly issue
  • 4 Fantastic adventures to challenge different party levels
  • Beautiful battlemaps made for each adventure for print and VTT
  • Deadly monsters, marvellous items and intriguing NPCs ready to drop into your campaign
  • Inspiring plot, campaign and wilderness encounter hooks
  • Stunning original artwork to reveal at the table
  • Thematic races and subclasses to entice you and your players
  • Easy-to-use printables for your at-the-table sessions, or digital assets for VTT games
Exciting Magazine Content
  • Follow our brutal adventures in our 4 page graphic comic
    Direquest: Legends Of The Freelands
  • “Dear Direlords”; our informative agony aunt round table, here to guide you through your player and adventuring woes with his unique brand of advice
  • In-depth interviews from creators and iconic figures from the TTRPG community

Crucible Magazine will be the first 5e magazine for Foundry VTT, with the content from each issue being made available as a monthly JSON module. We’re even making the Foundry VTT module for our first issue a free download when our Kickstarter launches!