Mini STLs – Launch Issue – Lairs


Meet four of the baddest of the bad, the masters of misery, the vilest of villains, and—dare we say—the Biggest Baddest Evilest Guys!

These highly-detailed, pre-supported 3D STL files are ready to print at home and include all four bosses from our FREE Launch Issue #000 Lairs


A ferocious one-eyed dragon that glides through the earth like a fish through water, seeking the rarest of gemstones to devour. Face off against this monstrous creature in Draxorn Delve


This twisted arachnoid horror is the result of a blending between a shape-changing ooze, a telepathic alien being, and the spider who happened to get in the way. She waits for you in Prison of the Arachlex.

Sea Giant

Reclusive and enigmatic, these giants are rarely seen as they live their peaceful lives deep beneath the seas—until one decides that a life of piracy is more worthwhile. Make him walk the plank in Sea Giant’s Cove.

Raon/Orc Warlord

At the head of the horde stands their greatest warrior and leader, her very presence filled with the power of divine right to crush all enemies before them. Truly a formidable woman, face her enlarged form in The Heavenly Horde.


All Crucible 3D STL files are highly-detailed, pre-supported for ease, and ready to print at home in seconds!

Sculpted By: Jaime G. Echanove
Presupported By: Anthony Claes / “Sephiroa” 


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