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Discover the enigmatic Twilight Forest, where light and dark converge in the mysterious realm of faeries. Race a netherbeast through a dangerous valley and win the ultimate prize. Unravel the web of deception woven by a sinister shadow dragon, and free a corrupted order of elves from its manipulative grasp before it’s too late. Rescue a young girl from her prophesied destiny and stop an ancient creature twisting the strands of time.

After starting the year on shaky ground, we’ve raged against the dying of the light and roared back to life! Our Twilight Forest issue takes us into the side of the faerie realm where light and dark mingle. And in the heart of it all, discover the mystical Gloam Market, a sentient city district that can transport itself anywhere to safeguard its Beastfolk residents. Unleash the power of death with our brand-new druid subclass, and wield an arsenal of awe-inspiring spells to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

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Compatible with Foundry VTT v10, uses additional third party modules

PDF Version: 1.2

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Three Fantastic Adventures with over 18 Beautiful Battle Maps

This action-packed issue features three thrilling, brand new adventures, perfect for characters across a vast spectrum of levels! Immerse yourself in the vivid battle maps, and prepare to face off against extraordinary creatures you’ve never encountered before. Engage with fascinating NPCs who breathe life into every story, discover new magic items, and delve into a rich, captivating lore, ready to be incorporated seamlessly into your world or serve as inspiration for your own creative twists! Are you ready for an adventure?

The Adventures Ahead of You:

  • The Netherbeast Grand Prix (7th Level): Join the thrilling Netherbeast Grand Prix in the Twilight Forest, where teams race through perilous landscapes, face treacherous terrain, ferocious creatures, and ruthless rivals. In this high-stakes contest, anything goes!
  • A Tale of Two Seers (10th Level): Embark on the quest to save Everfjord’s beloved rulers from the haunting of a chilling banshee. Help their gifted child by unraveling a dark mystery and vanquishing a time-altering menace.
  • Dragon of the Endless Dark (4th level): Delve the Deadwood and save a holy order of wood elves, corrupted by a shadow dragon. Delve into the All Tree, uncover the hidden holy relic, and thwart the Bone Order’s plans to unleash chaos.

Our content is made by Foundry VTT users for Foundry VTT users and our detailed maps are made with Foundry VTT specifically in mind, utilizing precision walling, dynamic lighting, ambient sounds, core canopy features as well as placed journal entries to quickly reference area descriptions and details. We use a number of popular modules such as Token Attacher to create interactive puzzles (complete with hidden DM notes on how to use them), Monk’s Active Tile Triggers, Token Scroller, and Compendium Folders.

Brand New Subclass + Spells

This issue introduces a whole new way to play your Druid, including new spells!

The Broken Circle – Druid

The druids of the Broken Circle are rebels from the norm, breaking away from the common druidic tenet of nurturing life. Instead, they concentrate on death’s cycle to bring forth new growth.

  • Conquer your fear of dying and instead, welcome Death’s Embrace to keep you or an ally alive.
  • As your studies improve, learn to combine Life and Death into each of your spells.
  • Masters of the Broken Circle can use their Revivifying Vines to create new life from a dead creature.

Supplements, Encounters, Magic Items and More!

  • The Gloam Market is a teleporting marketplace that travels through twilight from city to city, protecting its Beastfolk residents.
  • ‘Adventuring Days’ random events through the dark fey twilight realm
  • Legendary Mythic ‘K’ar-veil, Queen of the Root’ complete with stat block, back story, and tactics.
  • M’nzeeps Market of Minor Magics – Dungeon delvers won’t want to miss out on these minor magics; drop them into any game without worrying if they’ll break your campaign!

Extra Exciting Content in the Magazine

Outside of the Foundry VTT playable content in the PDF and printed magazine, we have our 3-page graphic comic Legends Of The Freelands: The Forgotten Warrior!

Fully Interactive PDF

The PDF version of the magazine is optimized to include hyperlinks and bookmarks to make navigating the different categories as easy as possible. Any time a section, adventure area, or URL is mentioned, click the text to jump right there!

Downloadable Digital Assets

Throughout the magazine are QR codes/links for downloading digital assets to be used at the table or in your preferred Virtual Tabletop, ranging from player handouts, maps, magic items cards, and more!

The Direlord: Pradyx

Ready for an adventure?

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