Issue 004 “Twilight” Pre-order (PDF)


Limited time availability: Unavailable from March 10th 2023

This product is currently included in a pre-order bundle

Expected Release Dates:

• Issue 004 (Digital PDF): March 2023

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Upon purchase a download link will be emailed to you and attached to your webshop account profile for you to download a PDF. The current PDF is a placeholder, when the issue is released this file will be updated and you can redownload the PDF from the same link.

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This product is a pre-order for the PDF of our future ISSUE 004 of Crucible Magazine. This issues has not yet been created yet, when it is released it will be sent to you directly via email. The content in each issue is undetermined, but check out our previous issues to get an idea of what will be on offer!

Every Issue of Crucible Magazine Includes

  • Fully Interactive PDF
  • The PDF version of the magazine is optimized to include hyperlinks and bookmarks to make navigating the different categories as easy as possible. 
  • Downloadable Digital Assets
  • Throughout the magazine are QR codes/links for downloading digital assets to be used at the table or in your preferred Virtual Tabletop, ranging from player handouts, maps, magic items cards, and more!

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