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The murder aboard the Alexandrian Express is the least of the guests’ worries as they hurtle through the Astral Sea. Does Rose Manor hide treasure within its walls, or are its secrets far more deadly? The djinni in the Roguelight Lamp has a wish only you can grant: Freedom.

In this issue of Crucible Magazine, we explore a myriad of Mysteries & Mishaps across the planes. Need a secret organization on the fly? Ever wanted to play a character possessed by a powerful spirit? Or are you looking for the right tool to help you avoid some traps and escape a sticky situation? We’ve got everything you need to help solve those quirky mysteries and unmask the villain— who would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you pesky adventurers!


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Three Fantastic Adventures with over 25 Beautiful Battle Maps

This issue includes 3 brand new adventures perfect for a wide range of levels and each one is complete with dramatic battle maps, unique creatures, interesting NPCs, beautiful artwork, custom items and a deep lore that you can use outright or pick and choose pieces of it to flesh out your world.

The Adventures Ahead of You:

      • Secret of Rose Manor (1st Level): An abandoned manor home is rumored to hide a noble paladin’s lost treasure within its walls, protected by the spirits of his deceased family.
      • A Night on the Alexandrian Express (6th Level): An arcane clockwork train is hurtling through the Astral Sea and carrying passengers pulled from space and time. The clock is ticking to discover a killer before an eldritch being drains the train of its arcaner power.
      • The Roguelight Lamp (5th Level*): An elder Djinn lies imprisoned within his own lamp by a powerful chaos elemental. The lamp’s denizens find themselves trapped in an infinite loop of life and death. *This adventure starts from around 3rd level (with a recommended average party of 5), but is played over the course of a campaign as players level up, taking them up to level 15.

Brand New Subclasses

This issue brings a brand new subclass for Artifi-…. Gadgeteers and Warlocks!

The Ghost Buster – Gadgeteer

Enterprising gadgeteers may study the afterlife and paranormal, and take it upon themselves to prevent ghosts from harrying the living. The Ghost Buster has developed several abilities to achieve this goal!

      • A Recorporation Ray to force intangible spirits into a temporarily solid form.
      • A Containment Field to create a barrier inpenetrable to the undead.
      • Cross the streams and unleash an Arcane Overload from your equipment for massive damage against the undead.

The Possessed – Warlock

When a mortal with great enough force of will meets their end, their animus may persist beyond death. A mortal may find themselves bonded with and empowered by such an errant spirit

      • Allow your patron ghost to temporarily possess you and grant their Ethereal Guidance.
      • Utilise the haunting power of your Patron spirit with a Daunting Soul, rendering enemies immobile.
      • Allow your guiding spirit to help you slip the bonds of your physical form temporarily via Spectral Discorporation.

The Possessed also comes with roll tables to help indecisive players identify their Patron Ghost, Ghostly Tenets, and the Flaws of their Ghost.

Supplements, Plot Hooks, Magic Items and More!

  • The new Oceanic Dwarf subrace
  • ‘Adventuring Days’ random events through mysterious, spooky locales
  • Mythic encounter statblock ‘Kaoberus, the Tempest’ complete with statblock, back story, and tactics.
  • Supplement for new player lineage option ‘Reaper Marked’ for characters forever changed by a brush with death.
  • ‘Death’s Head Moth Society’ – A supplement for uncovering and creating this mysterious faction, and seeding their presence throughout your games..
  • M’nzeeps Market of Minor Magics – Dungeon delvers wont want to miss out on these minor magics; drop them into any game without worrying if they’ll be overpowered

Extra Exciting Content in the Magazine

Outside of the playable content in the magazine, we have our 3-page graphic comic Legends Of The Freelands: The Forgotten Warrior!

Fully Interactive PDF

The PDF version of the magazine is optimized to include hyperlinks and bookmarks to make navigating the different categories as easy as possible. Any time a section, adventure area, or URL is mentioned, click the text to jump right there!

Downloadable Digital Assets

Throughout the magazine are QR codes/links for downloading digital assets to be used at the table or in your preferred Virtual Tabletop, ranging from player handouts, maps, magic items cards, and more!

The Direlord: Pradyx

Ready for an adventure?

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