Issue 003 – Mysteries & Mishaps (Foundry VTT)


Foundry VTT: Built for Foundry v10, uses additional third party modules
PDF Version: 1.3

The murder aboard the Alexandrian Express is the least of the guests’ worries as they hurtle through the Astral Sea. Does Rose Manor hide treasure within its walls, or are its secrets far more deadly? The djinni in the Roguelight Lamp has a wish only you can grant: Freedom.

In this issue of Crucible Magazine, we explore a myriad of Mysteries & Mishaps across the planes. Need a secret organization on the fly? Ever wanted to play a character possessed by a powerful spirit? Or are you looking for the right tool to help you avoid some traps and escape a sticky situation? We’ve got everything you need to help solve those quirky mysteries and unmask the villain— who would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you pesky adventurers!

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Inside Crucible Magazine Issue #003

Three New Adventures

  • Secret of Rose Manor (1st-level)
  • A Night on the Alexandrian Express (6th-level)
  • The Roguelight Lamp (3rd-15th-level)

Adventuring Days

The party travels through the darkened streets of a cultist-infested city, under the dark canopy of trees carved with ritualistic symbols, and through a barren, ash-covered wasteland. The Death’s Head moth symbol is etched into trees, tattooed on wild hunters, and even appears in the stars.

Mystery of the Death Head’s Moth

Secret organizations hide in the shadows and move unseen while pursuing their nefarious activities. Need an assassin mercenary clan whipped up fast? How about a corrupt merchant’s guild? An eldritch-deity-worshiping cult? Turn the symbol of the death head’s moth into anything you desire!

Player Options

We explore two sides of a spectral coin with this month’s dual subclasses. As a Possessed, you share your body with a powerful spirit that grows with you, granting you the powers of the undead. As a Ghost Buster, you use your arcane engineering skills to trap spirits, demons, and devils to keep the innocent safe.

Legendary Mythics

This month’s mythic monster takes us high into the snowy mountains and introduces Kauberus the Tempest. This gargantuan creature embodies the spirit of a raging storm that even dragons are afraid to face!

M’Nzeeps Market of Minor Magics

The amazing M’Nzeep returns with his market of magical goodies. This time he has all the things you need to help get you out of those sticky situations adventurers seem to always find themselves in. Keep missing those nasty traps? Just have a string of bad luck? Or just need a boost in reflexes? M’Nzeep’s got you covered!

The Forgotten Warrior Comic

The Warrior and Mage set off on their journey to fulfill the seer’s instructions, but it won’t be easy. The path is long and perilous, and no sooner do they set out on it are they faced with their first threat as traveling companions.

Every Issue of Crucible Magazine Includes

  • Fully Interactive PDF
  • The PDF version of the magazine is optimized to include hyperlinks and bookmarks to make navigating the different categories as easy as possible. 
  • Downloadable Digital Assets
  • Throughout the magazine are QR codes/links for downloading digital assets to be used at the table or in your preferred Virtual Tabletop, ranging from player handouts, maps, magic items cards, and more!

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