Issue 002 – Underworld (Foundry VTT)


Foundry VTT: Built for Foundry v10, uses additional third party modules
PDF Version: 1.1

Rival lycanthrope clans are on the brink of war below the Scented City. A cabal of necromancers has uncovered an ancient dwarven necropolis filled with ghosts and secrets. A heist is planned to infiltrate a casino and retrieve a stolen holy relic. An urban chase leads through the city streets, and one wrong step means getting caught! Face off against the underworld’s denizens and delve into their world of darkness!

We are pulling back the curtain and exposing those who work from the shadows and beneath city streets. They’re always there, just out of sight, waiting for their chance to strike the moment when you turn your back. Knives flashing in alleyways, shady backroom deals, secret cabals that lurk in the shadows—welcome to the Underworld!

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Inside Crucible Magazine Issue #002

Four New Adventures

  • The Black Skull Necropolis (5th-level)
  • The Forgotten Sewers (7th-level)
  • The Holy Heist (13th-level)
  • The Chase (Variable-level)

Build a Guild

Need to whip up a quick thieves’ guild? We’ve got you covered! With just a few rolls, you’ll have everything you need to create a guild with motivations, headquarters, and a guild master!!

The Bloodboard

Solve a murder mystery full of intrigue with twin sisters, work for a mysterious benefactor who might be even worse than the bad guys he’s hunting, and accept an escort mission that includes a familiar face.

Player Options

The new Oath of Thieves introduces a twist on the traditional paladin oaths. Follow a deity of thieves with new paladin spells and feats for those who enjoy a bit of thievery and sneakery!

Legendary Mythics

Introducing the very first of a new feature with our pals over at Legend Keeper! Here we showcase a new mythic monster complete with custom art, lore, and stat block!

M’Nzeeps Market of Minor Magics

The fabulous M’Nzeep has just the right magic tools you need to help with your thieving ways! Spy on your targets and pick locks with your fingertips. Need a quick disguise? No problem! And if it comes to fisticuffs, say night-night to your opponent!

The Forgotten Warrior Comic

The Warrior, along with his new mage companion, seeks out an old acquaintance who he believes can help him in the search to bring back his daughter. Will it be the happy reunion he expects? Or will disappointment be all he walks away with?

Every Issue of Crucible Magazine Includes

Fully Interactive PDF

The PDF version of the magazine is optimized to include hyperlinks and bookmarks to make navigating the different categories as easy as possible. Any time a section, adventure area, or URL is mentioned, click the text to jump right there!

Downloadable Digital Assets

Throughout the magazine are QR codes/links for downloading digital assets to be used at the table or in your preferred Virtual Tabletop, ranging from player handouts, maps, magic items cards, and more!

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