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Horror, adventure, and mysteries await on the high seas! A cursed undead crew prowls the oceans for souls in their zombie kraken submarine. An unstoppable entity from another dimension waits patiently for release from its underwater vault. A bard’s ballad starts a race against both time and pirates for his buried treasure. An ancient ruin on a remote jungle island hides a mechanical tomb and a secret that will change the world.

Ahoy, mateys! The inaugural issue of Crucible Magazine has set sail upon the high seas! This 100+ page tome is packed with enough treasures and adventure to make any pirate jealous of your booty. And all of it is perfectly tuned to enhance any campaign set in the 5th edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game!

Visit places sailors are only willing to whisper about off the Breakwater coast, diving below the waves and exploring remote islands full of danger. New ocean-themed subclasses and player races enhance your sea-loving characters, and six new magic items add flavor to any nautical campaign. You’ll find it all on the docks, in the fighting rings, or the casinos of Port Mercy, the Pirate City of Sin, ripe with intrigue and opportunities for everyone!

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Inside Crucible Magazine Issue #001

Four New Adventures

  • Temple of the Clockwork King (4th-level)
  • Curse of the Sea Wraith (15th-level)
  • Ballad of the Bonny Bard (1st-level)
  • Horror of the Deep (9th-level)

Adventuring Days

The seas are filled with encounters that range from ghostly music, an aboleth-controlled priest, and even a sylvan wedding barge with a special cocktail guaranteed to put you over the rails!

The Bloodboard

Defeat the evil spirits that escaped an ancient temple, track down a wealthy family of serial killers, and decide the fate of a scorned royal bastard.

Player Options

A new player race option brings the oceanic dwarves, expert sailors, and masters of the seas. Two new subclasses introduce a new cleric domain bound to the whispering depths and a new bard school whose sea shanties can do more than raise a tavern’s spirits. Three new backgrounds and characteristics tables help enhance your nautical character.

Port Mercy

The pirate city of Port Mercy is home to fighting rings, gambling halls, a thriving black market, and a host of unsavory criminal types. The perfect place to launch your next nautical campaign!

M’Nzeeps Market of Minor Magics

The fabulous M’nzeep has settled into Port Mercy’s Undermarket with his nautical-themed wares. Gain a boost with temporary magic tattoos, gather your courage with a bottle o’ rum with a kick, or find a  parrot familiar who’s willing to speak for you!

The Hot Seat: Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting 

We talk to Mo, Max, and Jess, the team behind Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting!

Dear Direlords

For this issue, The Direlords dedicate their section to Dave. Good old Dave.

The Forgotten Warrior Comic

The Warrior goes in search of answers and guidance in an unlikely place. However, to be shown where he must go, he must look back to where he has been… to a past long buried…

Every Issue of Crucible Magazine Includes

Fully Interactive PDF

The PDF version of the magazine is optimized to include hyperlinks and bookmarks to make navigating the different categories as easy as possible. Any time a section, adventure area, or URL is mentioned, click the text to jump right there!

Downloadable Digital Assets

Throughout the magazine are QR codes/links for downloading digital assets to be used at the table or in your preferred Virtual Tabletop, ranging from player handouts, maps, magic items cards, and more!

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