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Issue 002: Underworld [Jan 2023]

The murder aboard the Alexandrian Express is the least of the guests’ worries as they hurtle through the Astral Sea. Does Rose Manor hide treasure within its walls, or are its secrets far more deadly? The djinni in the Roguelight Lamp has a wish only you can grant: Freedom.

Issue Key Features:

  • “The Roguelight Lamp” Adventure: A roguelike style dungeon starting at level 3 up to level 15
  • The Possessed and Ghost Buster: A warlock class who makes pacts with powerful spirits, and gadgeteer class that hunts demons and undead!
  • Reaper Marks: a new lineage for those who have already come close to death once before
  • Legendary Mythics: Watch the skies with the mythic creature Kauberus the Tempest, a a giant elemental bird!

Issue 002: Underworld [July 2022]

Rival lycanthrope clans are on the brink of war below the Scented City. A cabal of necromancers has uncovered an ancient dwarven necropolis filled with ghosts and secrets. A heist is planned to infiltrate a casino and retrieve a stolen holy relic. An urban chase leads through the city streets, and one wrong step means getting caught! Face off against the underworld’s denizens and delve into their world of darkness!

Issue Key Features:

  • “The Chase” Adventure: A different take on chase mechanics with guides on how to build your own detailed chase scenario
  • Oath of Thieves: A paladin subclass for those who rob from the rich and give thanks to their deity in the process
  • Build a Guild – The Thieves Guild: A variety of roll tables to quickly build a variety of thieves guilds
  • Legendary Mythics: Our first mythic creature feature, Atropys the Brunnmigi, a toxic

Issue 001: Rising Tides [June 2022]

Horror, adventure, and mysteries await on the high seas! A cursed undead crew prowls the oceans for souls in their zombie kraken submarine. An unstoppable entity from another dimension waits patiently for release from its underwater vault. A bard’s ballad starts a race against both time and pirates for his buried treasure. An ancient ruin on a remote jungle island hides a mechanical tomb and a secret that will change the world.

Issue Key Features:

  • Oceanic Dwarves: A new player race of expert sailors, and masters of the seas
  • College of Full Sails: A new bard subclass whose sea shanties can do more than raise a tavern’s spirits
  • Black Salt Domain: A new cleric subclass bound to the whispering depths and calling upon their power
  • Port Mercy City Supplement: The pirate city of Port Mercy is home to fighting rings, gambling halls, a thriving black market, and a host of unsavory criminal types

Issue 000: Lairs [Feb 2022] – Free Launch Issue

A sea giant wreaks havoc along the coast, plundering ships on their way to Hopewell Harbor. In Silverton, local children have gone missing, lured into a secret prison containing a failed experiment. Something stirs in the mines at Mount Temper, which is living up to its name. An orc warlord has gathered a horde under her banner while wielding a divine power. Four Big Bads. Four amazing lairs!

Issue Key Features:

  • School of Summoning: A wizard subclass with empowered elemental familiars
  • Dungeon Strider: A ranger sublass who specializes in finding their way through the dangers of ancient crypts and ruins
  • Adventuring Days: Days’ worth of encounters when travelling the road

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